Facebook Ads Optimised For Impressions – How To Target Your Competitor’s Customers On Facebook


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Whether you have an online product or a local business, targeting your main competitors” very own customers is a great way to get leads.

Leads? Well, that’s the term for people who either sign up for your online offer or a local business,. It would probably mean the phone ringing. Once you have your lead where you want them, realistically,, it’s down to you to convert that lead into a paying customer.

In the early days of the Internet Marketing, many people did exceptionally well by advertising on Google Ads. Still, they have probably shot themselves through greed, making it impossible for advertisers to turn a lead into a profit. Thanks to the free online marketplace, a new player has seen a gap in the market and offers a great alternative… Facebook!

Yes, after all the fuss about Facebook introducing ads on our home pages, I think most people are used to the fact that ads are just part of our daily life (even on Facebook and YouTube), and every day they just seem to bother us less… and guess what? People are clicking on the Ads and spending money, leaving Google in the cold.

Facebook Ads are Profitable Marketing Platform?

So, how can your home in on this profitable marketing platform? Well, anyone can set up a Facebook page, and most people do You just need to set up a step-by-step Ad account (very easy). To create a Facebook Ad, that you just need an image, some copy, and a page to promote.

Now here’s the tricky bit… The cheapest way to advertise is to target precise audiences (either within your niche or within your local area)

You might think at this point that things are getting complicated. Still, there are services available that will supply you with a list of Facebook user Ids by community, page, or even a keyword, or you can buy expensive software and do it yourself!

I have been running such ad campaigns for a couple of months now, and the conversion results are impressive. Of course, you need to manage your Ads, and when the conversion rate drops, you need to change the image and copy.

Is Facebook Ads Provide Cheap Business Leads?

So if you need cheap leads for your business, try Facebook Ads… targeted audiences, and optimize for impressions. You can start with a $5 daily budget to test and take it from there. You should split the test into 3 ads, check your stats daily, and make the necessary changes to keep your conversions profitable.

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