What is Fiverr, and How Work On Fiverr?


In my previous article, “Freelancing Websites,” I help you to find the best Marketplace such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc., where you start work at home.

It is an online digital marketplace for online jobs or jobs from home. It is widely used for freelancing globally. Fiverr offers selling and purchases services to buyers and sellers globally. A seller can is offer SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Web Development, Graphics Designing, and many other benefits.

Nowadays, many people try to find genuine and authentic online platforms to provide services and earn money from the house. A vast amount of professionals and trainers recommend Fiverr for the initial step.

How Work on the Fiverr?

If you want to work on Fiverr, you must profile it. So, for a profile activation, you must be registered yourself and create a Profile and fulfill all requirements of profile activation. To provide the proper services, you must complete min 65-75%. You work as a part-time or full-time job.

How to join or Create Profile?

Here are the simple, easy steps to join Fiverr. Follow these steps and start your online work

  • If you are newer on It
Step 1
Step 2
  • If you have already
If you have already
  • Now appear the main Dashboard
Main Dashboard

How to Complete Profile on Fiverr?

Profile completion is essential to provide the service. You must be completed your profile 65-75% min. Here, If you want to complete the Fiverr profile in straightforward steps. Then, follow the instructions and do the same.

For profile completion, follow these steps:

  • Go to the setting and click on profile option.
  • Click your Profile Image and then click the profile
  • Here Upload the profile picture
  • Enter your First name and your last name
  • Write your Profile description [profile description must be less or equal to the 600 characters].
  • Enter your Native or best choice language such as English, French etc
  • Set your Skills
  • Link your social media accounts such as Fackbook, twitter, gmail, stackflow etc
  • Enter your website link in the website url box.
  • Put your cell phone number or linked your phone
  • Now you are able to publish your first service.

How to Provide Services?

When you complete your profile, you just need to publish your service or gig as a showcase. So, create your gigs and get orders as soon as possible. For providing services Create an advance Gig. optimize your gig. and send proposals.

How many Freelancers Work on Fiverr?

It is an international marketplace

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