New Fiverr Gig Image Guidelines 2022


In this article you know about the recommended Fiverr Gig image. By this article you able to edit you gig image according to the recommended New guidance. If you want to read pervious article about freelancing Move to freelancing

Success begins with an excellent Gig image.

Image is your first impression in the business, and it counts everything. When potential or professional buyers see your Gig, and your gig image is too attractive, then it’s determined very quickly. If judged as “attractive,” buyers are more likely to click on it and spend more time exploring your service. Use Gig images that stand out to attract buyers and generate more revenue. In short, an excellent Gig image means more sales—so make the most of how your business presents itself in the marketplace using these Gig image guidelines.

General Guidelines For Fiverr Gig Image and Video

The recommended size for Image

1280 x 769 pixel, + minimum of 712 x 430 and maximum size is 4000 x 2416 pixel [at 72 DPI].

Resizing images 

According to window and MAC View, you need to resize the Fiverr gig Image for your Gig

Recommended Image quality for Fiverr

Use neat, sharp, and clean images in png or jpg formats. Avoided pixelated Image, blurry images, stretched Image, and “squashed” Image. Use high-resolution, HD images and eye-catching thumbnails to help you get potential and high-demand buyers or clients.

How many images Used on per Fiverr Gig?

A seller uploads up to 3 images—so make them count! Remember that less is more if you’d like to combine photo and text.

Are you use commercial purposes?

Sellers need to use plan and simple gig images. If you use images for business or commercial purposes, you need the rights from Fiverr’s supports.

Don’t use “clickbait.”

It can cause frustration among potential buyers and lower your ranking in search results. Only use images that accurately represent your service.


Gig images must directly relate to the service provided. Random images can damage a Gig’s reputation and lower your chances of being chosen for editorial selections. 

Never share contact information.

Don’t share any contact information in your Gig image. All communication should take place within Fiverr.

Use as little text as possible.

Avoid repeating text that’s already somewhere else in your Gig.

Make your Gig stand out.

If you have more than one Gig, each Gig’s Image and message must be unique.

Be trustworthy

If you’d like to use a photo of yourself, show yourself clearly and face the front for more information.

Name your image file.

Make your Gig easier to find with a clear and relevant file name. It can be valuable in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as your Gig can be found in search results.  

Objectionable content is not accepted.

Don’t Use Your Personal Information or content.

Logos: Dos and don’ts

Image usage rights

Don’t use logos without the owner’s consent or the license holder’s permission. Read the Terms of Service for each logo.

Straightforward and easy to read 

Ensure that you’re not overcrowding your Gig image with too much text or too many logos. If you choose to include text, make sure it’s easy to read.

Using a picture of yourself

Note: The following relates to using a picture within a Gig image only and doesn’t apply to your seller profile.

Keep it accurate and show your buyers who you are

Take a photo of yourself from a front-facing angle to convey a sense of trust. Be sure not to misrepresent yourself in any way. For more, see Fiverr’s Community Standards.


Image orientation 

When you take a picture of yourself, use landscape mode. Crop the Image to the proper proportions using the recommended image size guide above.


Visually neat and clean 

Ensure that the environment where you take the photos is well-lit, has a plain background, and that the final Image is neither blurry nor pixelated.

Showcasing your work

Show off your best work. 

Pick a few examples that showcase your best skills to attract potential buyers. Use a variety of your best samples for exposure.

Show your results 

Upload before-and-after images to show buyers what you can achieve. Use one example of before-and-after at a time.

Zoom in for details

Sometimes, it’s better to show only a specific part of a project to attract buyer interest. If you have a lengthy document, attach a pdf file.


Use mockups to help buyers see what the actual final result can look like to inspire and ensure confidence. 

Embedded text

If you want to overlay additional text on top of your work sample (text on an image), make sure it’s apparent and easy to read.


Using text in the Fiverr gig image

Recommendation: Fiverr’s diverse users are based in various countries and use several languages. To stay as relevant as possible to a global audience, we suggest you don’t include text on your Image.

How to Use Text on the GIG Image. 

If you choose to use text on your Image, don’t repeat your Gig’s title in Gig images. Make sure that any text included is easy to read. 


Consider the contrast

Make sure the text stands out from the background.


Using stock in Fiverr gig images

Image quality 

Make sure that images are high-quality and not blurred or pixelated.


Commercial rights 

Make sure that you have the right to use images for commercial purposes.

Note: In all Design categories, images must be original. Ensure that you have permission to upload the Image in all other types. Example: Stock image with the owner’s correct licenses granted.


Visually neat and clean 

Select clean and uncluttered images. Make use of simple and neat graphics. Be sure not to include too much. 

Combining text, graphics, and photos

Less is more

 Ensure that the Image is not overwhelmed by too much text or unnecessary visuals.

Organize the information 

Set out your visual information with your audience in mind to capture attention. Ensure that the main object stands out against the background and that it is the first thing your potential buyer will see. 


The way you represent yourself undoubtedly impacts your potential business on Fiverr. Make the right impression, send the right message, and stand out—right from the very start of your Gig journey. Define, improve and manage your professional Image using these Gig image guidelines. Our dedicated Gig image experts are here to help if you need anything.

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