How to Rank Your Blog post on Google top


Do you want to know how to rank high on the Google top page? You’re not the only one here. “Could you write a post with the smooth understanding of just what to do to rank in Google top?”“What should a writer do to the make sure I will outrank my competitors?”, “Could you write a clear, smooth, easy to read, easy to understand, and step to step to-do list down is how to rank top of the Google page?”. Although, these are the common question that every writer or blogger have in their mind. It’s almost as hard as ranking high on Google. However, in this post, I’ll do my best to answer this million-dollar question: So, How to rank high a blog post in Google’s top position? I will give an honest – and lengthy – answer, but I’ll also share some quick wins!

How to rank high? Be the best result.

All SEO advice we give to our plugin users or our blog readers boils down to the same thing: just build an excellent website. Google wants to provide a user the best result for a particular search query. If your SEO strategy focuses on being the best result and creating the best website possible, you’re probably on the right SEO track.

Technical SEO must be flawless.

Site speed is one factor that determines whether you get a good ranking on Google’s top. While website speed was historically not the most essential, it is growing in good much more. A slow website will slow the crawling rate; Google takes longer to fetch pages or post on your site. And might take longer to index the new and unique content. Making your website much faster is a relatively easy way to increase the chance of getting high rankings on Google. You can use the Speed report in the Google Search Console to check whether your pages load fast or slow.

Working with WordPress

WordPress is an SEO-friendly and easy-to-get ranking platform, so most technical aspects are already/before covered. For all things that are not, you can install the accessible version of the Yoast SEO plugin for the WordPress website or blog, which fixes some minor issues that WordPress has in. Installing the yoast plugin and using the default settings improves your SEO website significantly. If you run all updates of our SEO plugin, the technical seo is most important.

Working with the Shopify for SEO

Shopify is not known as the most SEO(search engine optimization) friendly platform to work with. But it is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. And with a bit of help from the Yoast SEO for the Shopify platform, you have the best of both worlds. The Shopify app will make sure your website meets the highest technical SEO standards rules, so you can focus on optimizing your Shopify store and product pages.

The site structure is clear.

A clear site structure improves your chances of ranking on Google. Search engines, like Google, follow links. So, how you structure your website and internally link your pages to each other is vital. Pages with many links pointing toward them will appear important to Google Search. If there are few links in the content, it’s less significant in google. According to the Google recommendations, the website’s structure is also essential.

Content is Very Important.

SEO copywriting is a crucial element and a big challenge in every SEO strategy. As the search engines crawl the web pages or posts, the content of the website should be fine-tuned and easy to understand and to the ever-changing algorithms of the search engines(SEO). In addition to, you should aim for quality and optimized content and write clearly blog content so that your audience are both enjoys and understands your website. And we know that readability ranks!

How to rank: 5 quick wining Tips

This post doesn’t contain a step by step manual on ranking high on Google search engine. And I fully understand that the people do desire such a it is manual doing. I am very sorry, but such a manually osimply does not exist it. That being said to, we can give you some practical tips on how to improve your rankings!

Set The Realistic Goals

Sometimes the keywords you want to rank for are just too competitive. If there are already several strong websites with high quality content target the same keyword as you want, it will be hardwork to compete with those website or blogs. If that is the case, you could consider aiming for more long-tail keywords instead.

Solve orphaned content

Orphaned content has few internal links from the other posts or pages linking to it. Google will be consider this type of content to be of less value. So, if an article is essential to you. You should make that clear to both for the Google and the your visitors or audience. Link to the that particular articles from other relevant quality content. Linking to it from different types of articles that generate a lot of the traffic in the search engines will help the Google, and your audience gets to your page post or blog. 

If your website is on WordPress platform, you can identify your orphaned articles with Yoast SEO. You can now quickly fix your orphaned content issues using our SEO workout.

Tackle Keyword cannibalizations

Keyword cannibalism can be occur if you optimized or more than two posts for same focus keywords that are too similar to each other. For the Google, it is hard to the figure out which of these post or articles is very important. As a result, you could rained ranking low with both pieces. Your internal linking structure could be solve a part of the your keyword cannibalism problems as well. Think about which article is most important for you and link to it from the less critical long-tail posts or articles. This lets Google know which one to the prioritize.

In such cases, the best way to solve keyword cannibalization problems is by merging and auditing your content. Find articles that the focus on similar search queries keywords. If two pieces both attract the same audience and basically tell the same story, you should combine them. Rewrite these posts into one excellent, kick-ass the article. That’ll improve your Google rankings and the solve your keyword cannibalization issues. After all that, Google loves lengthy and well-written content.

Improve your site speed or technical issues

Speed is a important aspect of SEO for better ranking. Google just likes fastest websites, and so do users as well. You can be improve your site speed through (better)buy better hosting or by installing any best caching plugins.

Fix the Google Search Console Errors

The Yoast SEO plugin integrates with Search Console. If you also want to improve your website SEO, start by solving the errors that found by Google Search Console on the your website.

Seriously Great Optimization is the best way to rank on Google.

SEO just is a lot of work for ranking. I cannot give you an easy or smooth answer to ‘How to rank high?’. SEO is a long-term strategy, and it’ll only work if that strategy focuses on creating a fantastic website. remarkable UX, flawless technical SEO, unique content, and good website structure. Our Yoast Pro SEO plugin will help you optimize your website, making things easier. But you will have to put a lot of effort into it to be successful. SEO just stands for Seriously Effortful Optimization. Good luck!

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