How to Publish Fiverr Gig Without Skill Test?


Fiverr Skill Test Guidelines:

In the pervious you read a detail article “how to create a winning fiverr gig.” In this article you will learn about fiverr skill test and how to publish your gig without taking the test.

Gig Creation is a significant step after completing the Profile. Your Gig is the showcase of your service. Your Gig plays a vital role in gaining the order. If your Gig is ranked, then you gain potential buyers by Gig; otherwise, you try to find by the proposal sending. and for gig creation you need toby pass the Fiverr skill test.

So. on the Fiverr, many of the skills or services to publish need to Take the Fiverr Test. Many of the sellers, when creating Fiverr Gig. But when fulfilling all steps but at the last stage, “Publish” Fiver shows a Basic English test take or Skill Test Take.

 Taking a Fiverr Skill Test

With your ongoing efforts to increase the overall marketplace quality, Fiverr provides sellers with the opportunity to take skill tests to verify their listed skills. As a seller, by taking skill tests, you increase buyer trust due to demonstrating your skills.

The following tests have had the most impactful results on seller profiles and, moving forward. We will only be testing for them: 

Note: Any other Fiverr skill test you previously took can no longer be accepted and will be removed from your Profile.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Customer Service
  • Analytical Skills
  • German Grammar
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Italian Grammar
  • U.S English Basic Test
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress 5.1
  • Social Media Marketing Test
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Content Writing
  • English Language (Words and Phrases)
  • Adobe After Effects

Note: there are many other ways to showcase your skills and set yourself apart from the competition. Learn more about how to make your Profile stand out from the rest by reviewing best practices.

How to take the Fiverr Skill Test

  1.  Click your Profile Image -> Profile.
  2. Profile page ->click Take a Test, as seen on the left panel.
  3. Select the skill test you want from the category drop-down list mentioned up.
  4. Note: The search option can also be used to find a skill test.
  5. After carefully reading the instructions, click Start Test.
  6. Note: Once you pass a test, relevant skills related to the test you took will be marked as verified (with a green checkmark).


1. How Answers to the Questions in Fiverr Skill Test?

This test is around about 40 MCQ in 40-60 minutes. 80% of Freelancers can’t pass this test, and when the test is failed, they are demotivating and stop working on Fiverr. Because Fiverr provide the three attempts to pass a test if you can’t complete it successfully, Fiverr give 90 days to pass the test. And If you can’t pass the test after 90 days, Fiverr can’t publish your Gig on the Fiverr. 

2. How can I take a skills test?

If you can’t pass the test, you need to wait for 1 day. But If you don’t fulfill the next day, you await 90 Days. 

3. How can I retake the test?

To retake a test:

  • Click on your Profile.
  • Click on the difficulty you would like to retake.
  • Again click Retake Test.

4. Do I have to take tests?

While tests are not compulsory, we highly recommend taking skill tests. Because by skill test, you verify your skill, gain the buyer’s trust, and win top buyers.

Note: in just specific categories, you need to pass the test.

5. Can everyone see my score after pass the Fiverr skill test?

It depends on you. If you want to show the test results, click the box to display them. If you can’t like it, then you hide the test results.

What are the details regarding the grade?

  • To pass the skill test, you must answer a minimum of 60%-80% of the questions correctly.
  • Your percentile is defined dynamically, based on other test-takers.
  • The time it takes you to complete the test is tracked.

What will buyers see?

Buyers will see the test results unless you hide the test.

To hide the test score: 

  • Open your Profile.
  • Click on the test you would like to hide.
  • Show on My Profile to enable/disable your test results. 

Another CASE:

If you want to work on the Fiverr and your test fails again and again. and you are hopeless. So, you try to find the best solution. 

“How to Publish your Fiverr Gig without Fiverr Skill Test?” 

Suppose you worry that Fiverr takes a test to create your Fiverr Gig. You demotivate and move to do another work. So, no need to worry. Would you please watch the full video and do the same steps as me? How to by pass Fiverr skill test?

  •  Go to the gig section.
  • Click on the Draft 
  • Open the Gig and go to the overview section.
  •  Just Change the Category with any simple category in which no require any test. For example, Graphics and Design> logo design or ppt design.
  • Now save and continue until you go to the last step, “Publish” directly, you can publish your Fiverr Gig.
  • Your Gig is active now. 

Once again.

  •  You move to the gig section and make your recent Gig is “pause.” 
  • Now again, make gig edit and select your target category as well.
  • And do it the same ” save and continue,” and now you go back and activate your Fiverr Gig

Note: If you do not understand you would follow the video and “publish your gig without taking the test”

Benefits of the video about Fiverr Skill Test

You can publish Your Fiverr Gig without taking any Fiverr skill test by watching this video.

If you want to learn more about Top and unique Fiverr and freelancing tricks and for fruitful information.


Dear student This Article is too beneficial for you if you face the problem of publishing a gig. If you need any help with this problem. First, Try by yourself. If not, feel free to contact me. I will help you InshAllah.

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