Fiverr Gig SEO Guidelines


How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig | Pro Tips and Tricks for Sellers | Part 1

What is Fiverr Gig SEO

As all of us know, SEO is an essential ranking factor. As seo plays a vital role in google ranking, the same as seo is too critical for Fiverr Gig ranking. When your Gig ranks on the top of the page. Buyers would approach you Directly if your Gig ranked on the Fiverr First Page. If you select the wrong Keyword, it wastes all your efforts. 

Fiverr Gig SEO Keyword Research

After creating a Fiverr profile, Keyword research is the first part of your Fiverr Gig SEO.

First, you want to find your target keyword related to your skill. For example, your Keyword is ” Complete SEO Service” You can enter Keyword “Complete SEO Service” in the Fiverr Search Bar.

Note: for research keywords for the Fiverr Gig, use Buying dashboard. The Buyer dashboard’s benefit for Gig keyword research is that Fiverr only shows us the Keyword most buyers research for finding services. Also, Open an Excel sheet to create a file you choose for it. Here, write in point which is helpful for you.

Also, find by related keywords
Fiverr Gig SEO research
Fiverr Gig SEO research
  • Select You keyword for Gig related to your skill
  • Enter the Fiverr Search bar.
  • Create an excel sheet as well of all keywords
  • Check how many sellers are staying on the research service. ( Note: less than 1000-1500 ) is an ideal state where you quickly rank.
  • Open the first 10 sellers’ Gigs in different Google tabs.
  • Check how many Orders are in the queue, which gigs are open. 
  • If more than sellers have the max number of orders in the queue.
  • Trick: Go to the bottom of the page, randomly check the 3-4 sellers Gig, and analyze how many orders they have. 
  • When you find this Keyword beneficial, the open sellers gig tags.
  • Put all tags in the excel sheet and analyze which keywords are used more often and have less service and more orders in the queue.
  • Now, Finalize the more than 5 keywords for your Gig.
  • One time visit All these keywords and see the potential of all keywords.

Note: Here, your keyword research is complete for the Fiverr gig SEO.

Competitor Analysis In Fiverr Gig SEO

After completing the Keyword Research, your next target in Fiverr gig SEO is Competitor analysis. You need to analyze step one to the last step of your Gig.

Top 10-12 Gigs for research
  • Find the more suitable keywords of your Competitors.
  • Analyze the Gig Titles of the Competitors
  • Critical analysis of the Competitors Thumbnails
  • Check the Packages of the Competitors. 
  • Also, Compare Packages as well
  • Gig Description Analysis of the Competitors
  • Extra’s Gig of the Competitors 
  • Gig extra’s also analyze 
  • FAQ of the Top 10 competitors.

Note: In Competitor Analysis, your main target is newbies, not level sellers, such as level one, level two, or top-rated. Level seller rank by the number of reviews. However, newbies are ranked by Great research work and Fiverr Gig seo optimization.

Common Questions that make you Confused

Are We Copy the Title of the Competiton 

Simply answer is no, Because the Fiverr algorithm can’t see 0% plagiarism in the Content title, so don’t copy the title of the competitor. But you need to read your competitor’s gig title and write your unique title.

Is Copy the Packages of the Competitor

We can’t be Copy and paste the Competitors packages data or details. When you can create your Gig, Fiverr review your Gig before active the Gig. If you use any plagiarized content. Fiverr simply denies the Gig, Revomed or give you a warning, etc., as like the nature of Policy violation.

 Is Copy and Paste few Parts of Description

As I already discussed, If you perform any activity which fulfills the Fiverr policy violation. Fiverr denied your Gig, flagged your account, or any other penalty you face by Copy and paste. So, If you target any competitor’s Description and want to write the same as your competitor. Then you need to make a critical analysis of that competitor. After that, you find the reason why this Content was attracted to you. Now, you write your Description more than clear over that. 

Who is real your Compitetior on the Fiverr

Normally, On Fiverr, All sellers can provide the same services as you. They are all your competitors. But when you do Fiverr gig SEO, your exact target is new sellers who can rank on the Fiverr first page with a few reviews or maybe 0 reviews. So, do a critical analysis of Fiverr new sellers and then make your Fiverr Gig SEO according to that.

How We Find Real Competiton in Fiverr Gig SEO

When you search any keyword on the Fiverr search bar. Fiverr will show all seller’s services who can create Gigs on that Keyword. So, in these results you see, Newbies, level one sellers, level two sellers, and top-rated. Here, Newbies are your competitor for a better ranking. 

You need to review all areas of your competitor and then optimize your Gig according to that analysis. 

When I get all data on how to move next

In this article, I try to help you how to do keyword research for Fiverr gig SEO. In the next article, I write Killer points that rank to the top of the Fiverr page.

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